Finance Department

Finance Department of the company renders the following services;
  • Consulting services to client's companies in the field of accounting, taxation and financial issues.
  • Consulting services in the field of internal audit
  • Consulting services in the field of forming and analyzing of management accounting for the certain period of time.
  • Consult services in oral form, corresponding information and documentation and performance of cost estimating documents for client's companies.

Commercial Department

Commercial Department of Almaz Asia Ltd. provides consulting services to client's companies in order to insure their business promoting on the Kazakhstani market, as follows:
  • searches for Hi-Tech products on international and Kazakhstani markets, systematically works with manufacturers to detect products, corresponding to the market requirement and insuring maximum financial benefit for client's companies;

General Issues Department

General Issues Department (GID) of Almaz Asia Ltd. solves a wide range of different tasks in daily work of clients' companies.

GID solves administrative and representative tasks, including preparation and holding of business meetings, conferences, special activities, reception of visitors and guests, visa and other necessary support at travelling worldwide.


Legal Department

Legal Department of Almaz Asia Ltd. provides services for legal support of business activity of client's companies, as follows:
  • preparation and legal support of signing and execution of civil agreements, including real estate contracts.
  • consulting in the field of bid and tender documents preparation within "Government Purchases Law" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, expertise of bid applications.