General Issues Department

General Issues Department (GID) of Almaz Asia Ltd. solves a wide range of different tasks in daily work of clients' companies.

GID solves administrative and representative tasks, including preparation and holding of business meetings, conferences, special activities, reception of visitors and guests, visa and other necessary support at travelling worldwide.

General Issues Department provides logistic services for client's companies including control of timely transit registration of the client companies' cargo, cargos' location tracking, control of cargos arrival dates to destination points, registration of all required custom and other authorization documents, cargo acceptance, control of goods discharge and stocking in warehouse of client's companies.

General Issues Department upon the demand of client's companies can works out with suppliers all logistic of shipment issues, including: shipment method, type of transportation, packing, marking, guarantees, insurance, registration of shipping and accompanying documents. GID also communicates with authorized bodies and agencies - Custom Control Committee, Chamber of Commerce in Industry, forwarders and express-curriers on behalf of client's companies. General Issues Department provides qualitative documentary workflow, processing, analyses and systematization of in-coming and out-coming correspondence, insuring highest quality of provided services.